December 24, 2014


In a few days, it will be January 3rd. An inauspicious day for many people, but for me it marks the one year anniversary of my surgery. Throughout the holiday season as we’ve counted it down to Hanukah, Yule, Christmas and the New Year, I’ve been reflecting on where I was at this point last year.

I knew, then, as I prepared for the holiday that my surgery was right around the corner. I didn’t tell many people, though my family knew and of course, Mini. I had to prepare Mini because she’d never seen anyone post-op before and I didn’t want her to be afraid. As it turned out, I have never been more happy to be an over-prepared person, but that’s neither here nor there.

Last year on Christmas Eve, I had trouble moving—nothing was comfortable. I had very little feeling in my left hand and my clumsiness seemed to be increasing. I did everything I could to write and get items ready for my January releases, to make sure my house was in order—and yes, even to finish a couple of books.

Oddly, one of the books I finished then was Wanted: Fevered or Alive—book 6 of the Fevered Hearts series. About a week ago, I finished The Quick and the Fevered—which is book 7 in that same series. Then, I was preparing for the release of Some Like it Royal, the first of my Going Royal series. Today, I’m getting ready to release Some Like it Secret, the fourth book in the Going Royal series.

Two of my favorite worlds are book ending this rather incredible year. On January 3. 2014, I went in for surgery and woke up to face a brutally long recovery and a great deal of pain. They say pain can define a person, it can whittle away all the extraneous pieces of you and leave you either more of you really are or very grumpy. I can honestly say, that at times, it did both to me.

2014 was a year I found real joy in so many of the things that I once took for granted. We discovered the wolves in Willow Bend, cats in Wasatch, angels in New York, we dined with princes in Los Angeles, played a long overdue welcome home to Brody, went on an adventure with an Amazon in Vegas, and spent some time with some of my favorite people in a town called Dorado.

Thank you all for being a part of one of the most challenging and rewarding years in my life. As I write this to you, I am experiencing my first 100% pain free day since I went in for a diagnosis of my issues in November 2013.

2014 had its ups and its downs, but the best part of a roller coaster is the thrill of who you ride it with. As we wind down and prepare to kick off 2015, I invite you to join me as we will return to Willow Bend, Dorado, Wasatch, Las Vegas, New York, and to a little town in Texas where Mike’s Place is waiting—we’re going to rock 2015!

With loving regards,