Dear Readers,

Spring is on the move, and hot days in Texas are just around the corner. We’ve been gardening, pulling weeds and more. I’m pretty excited about this spring, and I’m enjoying the prettier weather.

Spring in Texas also means storm season is here. Our new puppy Stitch (and, yes, despite her ginormous size, she’s still a puppy) is not a fan of thunderstorms. I haven’t had a dog afraid of them in a while, so when the 60 pound galute tried to crawl along my spine to hide, I had to find a way to calm her down. Guess what works? Reading to her! She likes action scenes best of all!

What’s New in Willow Bend?

We’ve had some great releases so far this year, and today we’re celebrating the release of Untamed Wolf, the latest addition to the Wolves of Willow Bend. The first three books Wolf Bite, Caged Wolf, and Wolf Claim comprised The Rise of the Alpha arc of Willow Bend. They established Mason Clayborne’s rule over Willow Bend, and the changes his return provided his pack.

Untamed Wolf is the third of the Dawn of Three Rivers arc, which began in Rogue Wolf. In the rich lush world of the U.S. packs, we have only just begun to scrape the surface. Novellas such as Wolf Next Door (featured in the Under a Wolf Moon anthology), and the upcoming Wolf with Benefits (featured in the recently announced Romancing the Wolf anthology) are bridges between the arcs.

Though each book is designed to stand alone, you will reap so much more from the series if you read them in order. The next arc will begin later this year, called Wolves of Change, and we will return to the Alphas we last saw in Bayou Wolf with River Wolf (Brett’s tale), Desert Wolf (Cassius’ journey), and Snow Wolf (Diesel’s hunt).

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What’s Next?

I’ve got Marines and cowboys (Fevered Hearts fans, I’m looking at you!) on my writing schedule. Stay tuned for more details and future releases.