March 2014

Can it really be March already? They say March enters like a lion and exits like a lamb. The year began with a bang and shows no signs of slowing down! We were pretty focused on contemporaries in January and February with Some Like It Royal, Haunt Me andShaken. March is all paranormal, all the time with the release of Wanted: Fevered or Alive, book 6 in the Fevered Hearts series and Playing Against Type, book 4 in my Soulgirls series.

Wanted: Fevered or Alive

Oddly enough, book 6 of Fevered Hearts was not supposed to be the 6th book–but a novella. Well, when the book crossed the 100k mark word wise, I had to accept that like Marshal of Hel Dorado, this was not a novella. The book chronicles events that took place on the Flying K during the same time period Kid was on the Mountain in book 5. When Kid returned to the ranch, he discovered his brother Jason had married and the two finally broached the estrangement between them. What happens in Wanted: Alive or Fevered is the story of how that happened.

While writing this book, I did discover that there was much more to Cody and Mariska’s personal journey, so keep your eyes out for Wild and Fevered later this summer. (Yes, I know, I’ve got so much time on my hands!)

Playing Against Type

Also releasing this month is the 4th Soulgirls, and a game changer of sorts for the series. While each book stands alone as always, we’re picking up with a story thread created in book 3 that will drive the series through the next three books and culminate in book 7. That storyline involves the stage manager Heidi and based on my reader’s comments, they want to know more about the mysterious witch that has gone out of her way for the dancers over the last several books.

Bitten by Books

To celebrate these two releases, be sure to head over to Bitten by Books on March 11th as I host a Supernatural Slapdown between the two series, I think it will be a lot of fun and I’ve got some prizes to go with it.

Other News

I’m still recovery from my surgery in January, if you missed the notes on that, you can head over to my blog for the details. In the meanwhile, the recovery has slowed me down writing wise, but I am hoping to turn in Dirty, book 2 of the Martini Sisterhood soon. After that I have Her Marine Bodyguard (Always a Marine), Some Like It Easy (Going Royal #5), Tricks of the Trade (Soulgirls #6), Wild and Fevered (Fevered Hearts Novella), and much, much more waiting for me to write!

Also don’t miss my Pre-Writing Workshop if you’re looking for a class to kickstart your writing process.

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