May 2014

May is here and so is Some Like It Scandalous and very soon, Her Marine Bodyguard!

It’s hard to believe that it’s May already. It seems like yesterday that we were celebrating a new year, and a new release. That release, of course, was Some Like It Royal. I told you, then, how excited I was about that novel. This month, I’m over the moon to bring you the second book in the Going Royal series: Some Like It Scandalous.

Please bear with me while I tell you a little story. When I wrote Some Like It Royal, it was 2012, and I finished it shortly before going to the Anaheim RWA. My crit partner was a huge fan of the book and I have to admit, that I was a little drunk on the fun I had writing that story. Though the book didn’t have a home yet, Alyx’s newfound cousin Armand continued to whisper in my ear. Let me tell you, he’s a hard man to say ‘no’ to. As autumn approached, I really wanted to work on book two, so I set aside the projects I had on tap and dove into writing Some Like It Scandalous (then titled Some Like It Real).

I finished the first draft in a week. If possible, I loved Some Like It Scandalous even more than I had the first book. A few months passed, and I received a lovely note from an editor at Carina Press. She’d read Some Like It Royal and had noticed in my query letter that I had finished book 2. She wanted to know if she could read that one as well. I thought, why not? And sent the book off to her, then back to work on the projects at hand.

A few, short weeks later, I received another email–this one from Angela James. The letter included an offer for both books, in the series and I was stunned and then over the moon. You see, I knew how much I loved these books, but to hear from the editor and the publishing house that they thought they were magic, too? That was pretty awesome.

In January, I introduced readers to Alyx and Daniel. Their story, I hoped, would captivate the readers as much as it did me. Now, I cordially invite you to meet Armand and his Anna–and fall in love all over again.

Other News

I’m still recovery from my surgery in January, if you missed the notes on that, you can head over to my blog for the details. In the meanwhile, the recovery has slowed me down writing wise, but I am hoping to turn in Dirty, book 2 of the Martini Sisterhood soon. After that I have Her Marine Bodyguard (Always a Marine), Some Like It Easy (Going Royal #5), Tricks of the Trade (Soulgirls #6), Wild and Fevered (Fevered Hearts Novella), and much, much more waiting for me to write!

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